To find a lost item or return a found object please contact the service "Lost and Found" at a French train station , which will make a statement for you .

How do you know if there is a "Lost and Found" service located on your station?

  1. Go to (in french only)

  2. Select a train station in France from the list.

  3. In the main menu, click on "Services" then click the "Services aux voyageurs" section to find the "Objets Trouvés" (lost and found)

If the service "Objet trouvés" (lost and found) does not appear in the section, the selected French train station does not provide this service. Search again for another station.

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The objects found in the French train stations and on trains in France (except hazardous or perishable goods) are stored in the lost and found areas of the station for a month.

The objects are returned to the owner upon presentation of an identity card and payment of a fine of 5€ or 10€ (depending on the value of the object) (1) Corresponding to the handling costs.

(1) Declared on 01.26.2014, available in the "Lost and Found" service at a train station in France.

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