With TGV, you can discover France at high speed. Our trains are comfortable and spacious for the best travel experience.

Discover our services like wifi on board and the comfort of the first class while being accompanied by our teams that will take care of you.


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Les dernières nouveautés TGV

  • New!

    New route Massy - Bordeaux

    Since June, we've opened of the line Massy - Bordeaux, perfect for your holidays!

  • New!

    The Prem's have changed!

    With the new price range, the prems become exchangeable and refundable. Do not hesitate to book your train tickets in advance to enjoy the best rates with the peace of mind that you'll be able to change your mind if you want.

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Book up to 3 months in advance to get the best price, or keep an eye on our website and newsletters for the latest deals and promotions.

Your most frequently asked questions about TGV

To exchange or cancel your ticket, go to your space "my orders" or "My trips" from your mobile. Enter your file reference and associated name. Then choose the cancellation or exchange of your ticket.

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Discover the advantages of TGV

  • Travel connected

    Free access to wifi and extensive services on the Wifi portal, such as the online order at the Bar.

  • Travel in first class

    With rows of 3 seats instead of 4, extra space for your legs, a wider seat and backrest, the 1st class has been designed for your comfort and serenity.

  • Space for your luggage

    In each coach, luggage storage is provided to facilitate your on-board installation. For your bulky baggage, take advantage of the home delivery option.

  • Travel with your bike

    Do not want to bike to your destination? Just click on" more criteria "and select" I'm traveling with my bike "when booking. You can take your bike for only €10!


Customer information

151 reviews

3.6 / 5
  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness
  • Services on board
  • Punctuality
  • Our train from Geneva to Lyon was crazy packed. We barely managed to find seats, it was so unpleasant. The train from Lyon to Nice Ville was late so much so that we ended up missing our train from Nice Ville to Monaco-Monte Carlo. Overall, we think SNCF has a looot of work to do to improve its efficiency.
  • I took two TGVs. They were both late. Not a very good track record! I don't need to say that this is the core competence of a transport company. Getting passengers from A to B on time is all you need to do. The train was grimy and my seating area (in 1st class) had a full trash.
  • The train was quite full, but thanks to reservations everybody had comfortable space.
  • No room for legs, body space. Feels like animals in a trunk.
  • Inacceptable comme ont prend une grève un jour avant notre voyage sans aucun avis...
  • The train to mulhouse was late without any reason, so that i had the pleasure to continue my travel not via tgv but with the ter. Thanks. By the way, your app doesn't work properly, giving me a bad ticket without any reason, having me to pay a full ticket on the train. Not cool, really.
  • Thanks
  • When I got on the train I was surrounded by heavily armed policemen who seemed utterly surprised to see me standing there. I assume someone should have told me not to get in through that door. It was a very bizarre experience to say the least. After I found my seat we experienced a 20 minute delay due to what was said to be a police intervention on the train.
  • Fhnr
  • On our way back to Paris we were 6 in the group with a non-refundable ticket. One of the passenger in the group were there 2mins before the schedule and have all our tickets. They didn’t allow us to board and we bought new tickets twice expensive. On the next ticket we boarded 20 mins earlier but we left 9mins late. This is Terrible for such management as they left early before and inconsiderate.